At Brooke Run Trees, we grow our business relationships the same way we grow our plants, with great care and constant attention. Our organization is focused on providing high-quality tree stock, excellent installation services and customer satisfaction at the very best wholesale prices in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area. All trees are dug either with our brand new 36" Dutchman tree spade or our Care Tree 44" spade, all balled and burlapped with truncated bottoms for stability.  
In our first ambitious plans we hoped to offer year round produce of a large variety at a established stand,  however with the amount of work involved in tree farming alone and the labor we have available, we will have to postpone our involvement in larger scale, regular produce production...
However, we will still be farming for our own enjoyment and we will have organic, pesticide and herbicide free produce available for purchase by delivery or pick up at the farm if you would like. This spring 2018 we will have cucumbers, kale, blackseeded simpson and buttercrunch lettuce. This summer into fall we will be growing green beans, jalapenos,  butternut, acorn, yellow squash and zucchini, as well as cherry tomatoes and heirlooms. Additionally we will be branching into growing mushrooms next year so stay in touch on that! If you are a individual, group or even a restaurant with a desire for a certain veggie or fruit, let us know and if we can we will grow it for you! If its too late to grow outside we have a large greenhouse!  Just give the operations manager of the farm, Jo Ann (301-503-6710), a call or text or an email at joannlchasty@gmail.com.  you can  arrange a visit, produce delivery, or discuss what our mission is out here.  If he doesn't answer first time leave a message and he will get back to you.
Our Products:

Grow Greens in Winter: Your Own Mini Greenhouse!


Use recycled materials to create a greenhouse for your backyard! Take home your greenhouse (built with your own hands) with an informational packet about good cold hardy veggies for the area.  Get the freshest veggies without paying retail for "california fresh" stuff at the grocery store.  Your friends will be GREEN with envy!   No admission fee, limit 30 people. Contact Jo Ann if you are interested: joannlchasty@gmail.com, or 301-503-6710

Trees are our passion and our business.

Our Services


We carry a wide variety of tree stock in many sizes, from 1/2 " to 4" caliper and above. For larger trees, hand digging is available for a case by case fee that will still keep your total purchase price very reasonable.  And with our pricing system, the more your company buys the more you save! 


For the individual consumer or homeowner who wants to purchase a few trees but avoid the hassle of planting, we also offer installation on the trees you purchase.


IN CERTAIN CASES we will guarantee our trees, but the site must be evaluated and the dead tree matter provided. We reserve the right to NOT guarantee our trees as well. 

We can make our staff arborist available for follow up examination and care should problems arise.   Because we offer wholesale prices on our stock, a homeowner can buy trees and have them installed at a very reasonable price. Look around our website, check out our pictures and product lists (coming soon), and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.



  • Tree and Produce Sales

  • Watering/ Follow up Care

  • Installation

  • On The Job Consulting

  • Delivery

Events & Workshops: EMAIL OR CALL THE OPERATIONS MANAGER TO SIGN UP!!!  We will only have the workshops once sufficient interest has built!

Organic Gardening In Your Backyard: How and Why


Many people have the misconception that organic gardening is expensive, difficult, and leaves produce open to an assortment of pests.  In this seminar, you will learn how crop selection, protective structures (like the "greenhouse pods" described above), and do-it yourself pest deterrents and simple integrated pest management methods can make your backyard organic garden productive, beautiful, and affordable.  Free Admission, Limit 30 people. Contact Jo Ann if you are interested: joannlchasty@gmail.com, 301-503-6710

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