Since we want to get to know you, here is a little about us!

Our property has very recently come under new ownership (Jim Hasty of Hasty Services, Inc. and Pogo Sherwood of Pogo Organics) that is committed to maintaining low prices, increasing and updating our internet presence, and streamlining the purchasing and pick up process for our clients.


In addition, as mentioned earlier on the site, we do have limited produce available (for delivery or pick up by appointment only...call Jo Ann) and are always open to growing suggestions for our greenhouse this fall and our fall garden. 


*****We also are in the process of setting up a volunter network to care for a community charitable garden (which our staff has agreed to set up) so that the needy may have greater access to nutritious, affordable, healthy food.  The dietary gap in this country makes it much harder for those in poverty to lift themselves up.  With help we can combat this problem.  If you are interested in volunteering, or are a leader of a church or boy scout group group looking for a volunteer project to help with set up of a spring garden and a section of our greenhouse, again, please contact our operations manager at 301-503-6710 or by email at joannlchasty@gmail.com******

Gil Hasty- Founding Operation Manager


Gil Received a Bachelor's of Science from the University of Maryland in Environmental Science and Policy, Wildlife and Resource Management (focusing on woody plants)  as well as an extended internship in organic agricultural production through University of Maryland Research Extension Center, Upper Marlboro.  He is on his way to certification as an arborist , as well as a certified compost operator and is currently a registered agricultural and ornamental commercial pesticide applicator.

Our Vision

At Brooke Run Trees, we strive for a more green and beautiful world.  While we are starting out selling trees we see a bright future in environmentally friendly recylcing endeavours such as composting and biochar production.  Eventually we hope to be a net carbon negative farm and energy producer. We beleive that preserving a greener world for future generations is an effort of utmost importance, and we strive to incorporate that philosophy into all our work.



Events & Workshops

Grow Greens in Winter: Your Own Mini Greenhouse!


Use recycled materials to create a greenhouse for your backyard! Take home your greenhouse (built with your own hands!) with an informational packet about good cold hardy veggies for the area.  Get the freshest veggies without paying retail for "california fresh" stuff ot the grocery store.  Your friends will be GREEN with envy!  No admission fee, limit 30 people.


Organic Gardening In Your Backyard: How and Why


Many people have the misconception that organic gardening is expensive, difficult, and leaves produce open to an assortment of pests.  In this seminar, you will learn how crop selection, protective structures (like the "greenhouse pods" described above), and do-it yourself pest deterrents and simple integrated pest management methods can make your backyard organic garden productive, beautiful, and affordable.  Free Admission, Limit 30.